Foreign Policy

foreign policy

Realism and Restraint

America’s foreign policy has failed in its objectives for decades. Disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost trillions of dollars, tens of thousands of American lives and have prevented hundreds of thousands from their full potential due to physical, mental, emotional, and moral wounds. Today, national leaders ignore these costs. The lessons go unlearned as US troops remain under fire in distant lands. This prevents us from focusing on real challenges to our security.

An effective foreign policy would ensure the security, prosperity, and rights of American citizens. Americans for Prosperity Foundation advocates creating a foreign policy that prioritizes American interests and values. America must balance strength with diplomacy and seek pragmatic approaches to protect our national security while fostering global stability.

The principles of Realism and Restraint can guide a better foreign policy. By engaging in careful and deliberate decision-making, we can ensure that American actions on the world stage are thoughtful and strategic.

Ensuring Responsible Engagement Worldwide

Our approach to foreign policy prioritizes a more responsible engagement, ensuring that American resources are used judiciously to support our national interests. We advocate for policies that reduce unnecessary risk to American troops and that focus on long-term, sustainable outcomes. Discover how this approach helps maintain our nation’s strength and leadership.

Building strong, cooperative relationships with other nations achieves mutual benefits, and avoids over commitment, ensuring that the American people, not foreign governments or unaccountable bureaucrats decide when America goes to war. We promote a diplomatic strategy that respects the sovereignty of all countries and seeks to resolve conflicts through negotiation rather than force. Read of our efforts to shape alliances that enhance American security and economic prosperity, instead of allowing other nations to depend predominantly on American power for their security. A deeper knowledge of America’s core interests and the real threats will empower you to make a difference and maybe save lives in the next generation of American service members.

A more restrained approach, utilizing diplomacy and trade, allows government to increase opportunities and secure the conditions for citizens to reach their full potential. in partnership with scholars, researchers, and veterans to promote this approach we invite you to help influence decision-makers to adopt it.

Stay Informed and Take Action

Your involvement is crucial in shaping a thoughtful foreign policy. By staying informed about our advocacy and engaging with our resources, you contribute to a more measured and effective U.S. presence on the global stage. Check out our latest insights and learn to be part of meaningful change in foreign policy.

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