Immigration is an issue that affects us all.

Our current system is outdated, dysfunctional, and fails to serve the people of the United States. It is also a major driver of the border crisis we are experiencing.

Our nation thrives when our borders are properly managed. At Americans for Prosperity Foundation, we advocate for robust border security systems that ensure every individual’s entry and exit is lawful and secure. Advanced technology, rigorous checks at ports, and strategic barriers form the backbone of our border defense, safeguarding our community’s well-being and the nation’s economic interests.

Imagine a border that is not just a barrier but a gateway to potential and opportunity. We champion policies that fortify our borders while respecting the legal processes that uphold our societal values. By joining our cause, you play a vital role in advocating for a balanced approach that ensures security without sacrificing humanity. Dive into our detailed analyses and take a stand—your involvement is crucial for real change.

At The Americans for Prosperity Foundation, we are guided by the Principles of Human Progress, which seek to create a society of equal rights and mutual benefit for all. We recognize the fear and barriers that exist around the issue of immigration, and we are committed to demonstrating how legal immigration can drive progress, innovation, and opportunity.

The United States must be the destination for the brightest minds who are eager to contribute to our technological and economic leadership. Our initiatives aim to streamline immigration policies to attract these brilliant minds to our shores instead of our competitors’.


Uphold the Rule of Law with Clear, Consistent Immigration Policies

Navigating the complexities of immigration law can be daunting. We strive for clarity and predictability in immigration rules that benefit everyone—protecting the law-abiding while ensuring that offenders receive swift and fair consequences. Our commitment extends to advocating for transparent processes and stringent accountability measures. Learn about our efforts to instill integrity and trust in our immigration system through our in-depth coverage.

Border communities are unique, facing daily realities that most of the country does not. We actively work with local leaders and organizations to ensure that these communities are heard, supported, and empowered. Our policies promote safety, economic growth, and community development. Read about the positive impacts of our collaborative efforts in these vibrant communities.


Take Action and Stay Informed

Your voice is powerful. Staying informed and active in the dialogue around border security and immigration reform makes you a vital part of the solution. Engage with our content, share your insights, and help shape the future of our nation. Visit our featured articles to see how you can contribute to securing a just, prosperous, and secure America.

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Diving Into the Areas

Ensuring National Security and Public Safety
Border security is fundamental to national safety and sovereignty. At Americans for Prosperity Foundation, we understand that a secure border prevents unauthorized entries that could jeopardize our community’s safety and strain public resources. Our advocacy supports deploying advanced surveillance technologies, enhancing physical barriers where necessary, and increasing the presence of trained border patrol agents. These measures are crucial in detecting and deterring activities that threaten our way of life.

Modernizing Border Infrastructure
A modern border is more than fences and checkpoints; it encompasses state-of-the-art technology and strategic infrastructure. We advocate for the integration of high-tech surveillance systems, including drones, sensors, and cameras, that provide real-time data to border agents. This technology supports a swift response to potential threats while ensuring the humane treatment of those seeking entry through legal means. Investing in road improvements and facilities enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of border operations, ensuring agents can focus on their critical tasks with better resources.