Immigration is an issue that affects us all.

Our current system is outdated, dysfunctional, and fails to serve the people of the United States. It is also a major driver of the border crisis we are experiencing.

Ultimately, a more streamlined and efficient legal immigration system would be safer and more beneficial to immigrants and American citizens. Thus, we strive to create a system that welcomes and treats with respect those who come here to do good, while keeping out those who are threats to national security and our rule of law. We envision an orderly system that allows immigrants to drive progress and innovation with their new ideas and talents.


Creating a society of equal rights

At The Americans for Prosperity Foundation, we are guided by the Principles of Human Progress, which seek to create a society of equal rights and mutual benefit for all. We recognize the fear and barriers that exist around the issue of immigration, and we are committed to demonstrating how legal immigration can drive progress, innovation, and opportunity.


Orderly and Welcoming

We strive to create a system that is both orderly and welcoming. We recognize that a more secure border and more efficient legal channels are complementary goals. That’s why we are working with scholars, social entrepreneurs, activists, policy makers, and even a retired Border Patrol chief to develop and demonstrate the benefits of a system that balances opportunity and order.

We need your help to create a better immigration system. Join us in advocating for change and help make a difference. Together, we can create a more secure and inclusive system that will benefit us all.

Take action now and be part of the solution.