Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Investigations Team

uses state and federal open records requests and other investigative techniques to promote government transparency, advance accountability, and educate the public on important policy issues. 

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Emergency Powers Reform Project

The Emergency Powers Reform Project is focused on ending rampant government abuse of “emergency powers” that too often provide a false justification for bypassing Congress to implement policies that would never otherwise pass into law.

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Permission to Care

Permission to Care” is a first-of-its-kind series of analyses of publicly available CON application and litigation data in several states. Our investigations found states denied billions in proposed health care investment while delaying development of approved health care provisions for years or in some cases decades.


Biden Administration Censorship

AFP Foundation’s investigation of the Biden Administration’s censorship regime reveals that DHS believes it has overreaching authorities to regulate speech. AFP Foundation is continuing to push for answers on the source of these authorities.


Cancellation of American Energy
Oversight of Biden Administration Overreach
Oversight of the VA Mission Act
Cronyism in Kansas
Civil Asset Forfeiture
Ensuring Access to Telehealth