Constitutionally Limited Government


Championing a Constitutionally Limited Government

At Americans for Prosperity Foundation, we envision a country where the government is limited and the rights of individuals are front and center. We stand for a strong system of checks and balances and a commitment to the rule of law, ensuring that everyone’s rights are respected and protected.
We believe in empowering individuals from the ground up. A limited government, individual liberty, and a commitment to the Constitution are the foundations for securing equal rights and protections that create a society where everyone can thrive.

Today, our fundamental freedoms—like free speech and fair trials—are under threat from those who believe the government should control more of our lives to achieve certain outcomes. These are the times that test our commitment to our founding principles. Over the years, whenever we have stayed true to these principles, we’ve seen progress and prosperity. When we’ve strayed from them, we’ve faced our toughest challenges.


Our Work and Impact

Through our efforts and those of our partners, we’ve made significant strides in defending the rule of law and constitutional checks and balances. From mobilizing hundreds of thousands around free speech to enacting major criminal justice reforms like the First Step Act, our actions are reshaping the landscape toward our founding ideals. We’re also on the front lines fighting for privacy rights and safeguarding civil liberties against overreach.

We advocate for a criminal justice system that balances public safety with respecting human dignity. Our focus is on creating fair processes that respect the rights of individuals while ensuring justice for all, particularly through reforms that make the system more effective and just.

In times of division, the First Amendment is our strongest defense against censorship. We actively work to ensure that free speech, freedom of association, and freedom of religion are not just preserved but vigorously defended.


Join Us in This Crucial Effort

Your support is vital. Together, we can ensure that our government reflects our founding values of liberty and justice. Learn more about our initiatives and join us in promoting a government that is accountable and limited, as intended by our nation’s founders.

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