foreign policy

Foreign Policy

By jfpbase / April 28, 2023 / Comments Off on Foreign Policy

Foreign policy plays a crucial role in ensuring the security, prosperity, and rights of American citizens

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By jedson / April 28, 2023 / Comments Off on Education

We believe in individualized learning, where education empowers every learner and family

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By jedson / April 20, 2023 / Comments Off on Immigration

Our current system is outdated, dysfunctional, and fails to serve the people of the United States

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Free Speech

By jfpbase / April 19, 2023 / Comments Off on Free Speech

Our commitment to free speech means that we defend the right of all people to express their ideas without fear of retribution or censorship

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criminal justice issues

Criminal Justice

By jedson / April 17, 2023 / Comments Off on Criminal Justice

We believe that our criminal justice system should ensure safety for all and provide fair and equal justice

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Health Care

By jfpbase / April 17, 2023 / Comments Off on Health Care

We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality, innovative healthcare

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Economic Progress

By jedson / April 17, 2023 / Comments Off on Economic Progress

Our goal is to create a more inclusive society where everyone can succeed through collaboration and mutual benefit

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