About Us


For over twenty years, Americans for Prosperity Foundation has been educating and training citizens to be advocates for freedom, creating real change at the local, state, and federal levels. In communities across the country, Foundation programs share knowledge and tools that encourage participants to apply the principles of a free and open society in their daily lives–knowing this leads to the greatest prosperity and well-being for all.

Our Objectives

  • Equip grassroots activists to be agents for change in their communities
  • Educate the public on policy issues ranging from health care to criminal justice reform to free expression and more
  • Empower people with the ideas of a free society, including with courses and resources that empower them to improve their lives

Our Board

  • Mark Holden, Chair
  • Kim Penner, Director
  • Emily Seidel, Director

Our Programs

  • AFPF Issue Education:Through citizen outreach and events, Americans for Prosperity Foundation educates Americans about critical federal, state, and local policy issues and the ideas being debated today. Examples of active projects right now include:
  • Grassroots Leadership Academy & Insight to Action:Through in-person and online courses that teach the fundamentals of grassroots organizing and the foundations of a free society, Americans for Prosperity Foundation offers training that gives people practical knowledge and skills to drive policy change. Learn more.
  • Civil Liberties Legal Education: Through written amicus curiae briefs to support other litigants and present important issues to courts, Americans For Prosperity Foundation’s legal team works for a legal system that defends civil liberties and respects the rule of law. Learn more.
  • The LIBRE Institute:With training programs, educational courses, and volunteer opportunities, The LIBRE Institute engages and empowers America’s growing Hispanic population. Learn more. 
  • Concerned Veterans for America Foundation:Reaching veterans, military families, and concerned patriots with resources and tools to translate military experiences to civilian life and to uphold the freedoms many have fought to defend. Learn more.

Your Partnership

The generosity of thousands of Americans makes possible the work of Americans for Prosperity Foundation to help equip, educate, and empower millions of Americans to improve their lives and their communities around them.

Learn more about how you can partner with Americans for Prosperity Foundation.

Americans for Prosperity Foundation is a section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Code (EIN 52-1527294). Contributions to AFP Foundation are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.