In a world that is changing faster than ever, medical innovation has opened the door to miracles. The blind can see, the deaf can hear, and hope can be restored to the hopeless.  Some breakthroughs have come through traditional medicine, but many of the greatest discoveries have been made by people testing, imagining, and trying out of the box ideas. Our culture of ideas and innovation has not only allowed us to improve our living conditions, but also has given us the ability to take a leading role in our own lives. 

We no longer have to accept traditional ways because now we have access to the opinions and support of integrative health experts at our fingertips. We can share and learn about various health practices and alternatives by simply hopping on our smartphones. Because of this, we can live to see our great grandchildren and many diseases that were once a death sentence are now nonexistent.

This could only have occurred in a society that opened the door for new ideas and new conversations. It is our job to make sure that we are bringing these important ideas front and center, and igniting the conversation about personal ownership of health. Last month, in the spirit of freedom, innovation, and wellbeing for all, Dr. Daniel Monti, Dr. Andrew Newberg, and Dr. John Longhurst discussed their groundbreaking research at the Pioneers in Health Conference, contributing to our knowledge of integrative medicine and how it works. Watch the discussion here!