Families are eager to find an educational environment that provides the best opportunity for their children to reach their full potential. A safe place where their sons and daughters are loved and supported for their own unique talents and abilities. An exciting environment where educators are enabled to meet the needs of children in their classrooms.

Finding the best education setting for your child is a difficult task. Across the country, we have a system of traditional schools, both public and private. These schools are designed to deliver standardized content and knowledge is measured by tests which can only assess short-term recall.

But there is a better way – educational freedom. And on this School Choice Week, we are elevating the need for and benefits of educational freedom. All students must have access to a quality education that helps them discover, develop and apply their unique talents to find fulfillment and success in life.

Our country offers a wide range of educational options. From religious schools to magnet schools, from private schools to online learning options, families should have the option to pick the school that’s best for their kids, regardless of their location and financial situation.

At the same time, educational freedom allows educators to innovate in the classroom to meet the needs of their students. With the flexibility to innovate, schools will produce better educational outcomes.

By providing all families the freedom to select the educational setting that’s right for their kids, we ensure all families, regardless of circumstance, can create a better future for their children.

Educational freedom offers real promise to better the educational future of America’s children. On this School Choice Week, let’s reflect on how we can improve the lives of all families and their children through the gift of education!