With another winter storm is upon us, many are preparing to bundle up, grab a shovel and get to work. Snow storms are an opportunity for helpings hands to search their neighborhoods for driveways and walkways that need to be cleared. They may even make a little extra money on the side.

But a snow storm also brings with it a flurry of restrictions that discourage entrepreneurs from helping out. In one famous case, two teenagers in New Jersey were stopped by police while out shoveling for their neighbors because they hadn’t acquired a permit to do so.

Licensing requirements such as this are hurtful to a community of those who wish to help each other and earn money through hard work. These rules restrict the entrepreneurial spirit and evoke a feeling of caution instead of a desire to help others.

Less restrictions on activities like shoveling snow would mean a greater sense of community and more opportunity for the community to thrive and prosper.