Lisa Jacobson, a single mother living in Colorado Springs, earned nearly $10,000 in between jobs last year using Rover, a popular app that allows dog-sitters, boarders and walkers to facilitate services with customers online.

Jacobson specializes in working with dogs with anxiety issues. She quickly became one of Rover’s top-rated sitters!

Unfortunately, her business came to a halt when a Colorado Department of Agriculture investigator told her a bigger, commercial kennel had filed a complaint against Jacobson for advertising a pet sitting service without a kennel license. She had to either pay a $400 nonrefundable fee or delete her Rover account.

Sharing economy services like these, including Uber and Airbnb, are encountering new hurdles and regulations every year. Despite this fact, more and more people are choosing to watch or walk dogs as a part- or full-time gig because innovative apps make it so convenient and profitable.

Are you considering picking up a dog sitting side hustle? Below are some examples of the permits and licenses that could be require by your state.

Colorado: State law in Colorado requires a kennel permit if you meet a specific amount of business transfers. There are some additional municipal regulations throughout the state. To see if those regulations affect your region, click here.

Florida: Kennel licensing in Florida is determined per municipality. Miami-Dade County requires $400 and an application process for a kennel license. If you live in Florida, be sure to contact local officials for regulations in your area before opening a hobby or commercial kennel.

North Carolina: There are a few animal services that require licenses in North Carolina. To see if your business requires licensing, contact North Carolina’s Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services here.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the local laws in your area before you and Fido face a fine! Check out your city’s official website or visit the city hall before starting a dog sitting side-hustle, so you can get ahead!

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