Kevin Schmidt in RealClearPolitics: Why Is DHS Keeping ‘Disinformation’ Regulation Docs Secret?


| May 10, 2024

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My organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation, has spent the same two years fighting DHS for documents on the federal board Jankowicz managed. We’re filing a second lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act to fight continued government stonewalling of our requests. Thus far, DHS has refused to provide unredacted versions of documents that outline its purported authorities to regulate disinformation. Nor will the agency release more information about its work on misinformation related to “irregular migration” and “Ukraine” before the board was disbanded in August 2022.

So, taxpayers are unable to find out what legal authority DHS is exercising, and they aren’t allowed to learn about the work being done with their tax dollars. Does this sound like a dystopian novel yet?

Why do the documents from a defunct government board matter? Because DHS and Jankowicz sold the board as necessary. They claimed to be worried that DHS’ various offices’ ongoing disinformation work threatened Americans’ free speech rights.

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