Free Speech


Free speech is a cornerstone of a free, civil society.

Throughout history, we have seen the consequences of governments who have sought to control their citizens’ speech and expression. From Galileo’s house arrest to the modern trend of stifling debate on college campuses, the results have been detrimental to society.

Open Dialogue and Respectful Discourse

At Americans for Prosperity Foundation, we believe in the power of open dialogue and respectful discourse. Our commitment to free speech means that we defend the right of all people to express their ideas without fear of retribution or censorship. Through open dialogue, we seek to understand each other better, learn from each other, and foster a more tolerant society. We recognize that free speech carries consequences, and that our words, beliefs, and actions can affect how we are perceived by our fellow citizens.

Respect and protect our rights

At Americans for Prosperity, we believe that it is the government’s role to respect and protect the rights of both parties in such situations, not to compel one party to believe, act, or speak in a particular way. Protecting the right to free speech is essential for a vibrant, prosperous society.

Join us in defending this fundamental right and promoting open dialogue and respectful discourse.