AFP Foundation Policy Experts Bring the Border to North Carolina

By | October 26, 2023


Nearly 150 people came to Greensboro, North Carolina to hear from AFP Foundation experts on the border crisis, immigration reform, and real solutions in event that was covered by multiple local news outlets.

Local ABC Affiliate WXLV45 showcased the event and discussed the Foundation’s use of VR headsets to give people from anywhere in the country a unique perspective of the southern border, effectively bringing the border to them.

Retired Border Patrol Chief Chris Clem shared his experiences during his career of working at the southern border, including policies and practices that haven’t worked throughout his time.

Chief Clem addresses attendees

North Carolina State Director Tyler Voigt highlighted the importance of having Chief Clem at the event, stating, “Americans for Prosperity Foundation North Carolina is honored to welcome Retired Border Patrol Chief Clem to our state. Chief Clem from the Yuma Sector brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our event and is looking forward to sharing his first hand experience with concerned citizens.”

AFP Foundation Immigration Policy Fellow Jordan Fischetti spent time highlighting the need for reform both with the country’s immigration and border policies and that we do not have to choose between one or the other. Fischetti stated “Legal immigration and border security are complimentary, not competing objectives.”

The Foundation continues to traverse the country holding events on immigration, having held the same style of event last week in Utah with prior events in New Hampshire and Iowa highlighted on this site.