The innovations and improvements in health that we’ve seen over the last 200 years are the direct result of our
country’s environment of freedom. Many diseases that used to be terminal now have cures and treatments to prevent exposure before we are affected by them. With better and faster ways to take care of ourselves, we get to spend less time worrying about surviving, and more time creating daily habits that contribute to our long-term wellbeing.

Truthfully, at the center of successful healthcare is freedom. This means people are able to own their health, try new treatments, and make their own decisions about the lifestyle and care that best fits their needs. Without the opportunity to take risks, develop new technology, try new treatments, or find alternatives to the traditional, we don’t have real options or choices. While families have so much on their minds, it’s essential that every individual has the freedom to choose whatever method works best for them and their lives.

At the Pioneers in Health Conference last month, Robert Graboyes, Ph.D., and Darcy Olsen discussed the challenge of facing today’s status quo, taking risks and making your own health decisions, and innovating for a better world. Watch their discussion here: