Bridge to Wellbeing works with partners across the country to share the knowledge and skills people need to own their life, alongside the message of personal and economic freedom. When Erica attended Bridge to Wellbeing events in her community, she discovered the value of this, firsthand!

From Personal Budgeting class to Couponing class to Time Management class, Erica was able to take the practical skills she learned and apply them to her everyday life. While couponing gave Erica and her family the ability to make ends meet, after taking the personal budgeting class, she was soon able to save up and buy a new home for her family! Since Erica started attending Americans for Prosperity Foundation events, she has been able to do so much more with her family.

This is why we do what we do. We know freedom allows individuals to pursue whatever success looks like for them. Today, it’s often not possible to avoid obstacles, barriers, and regulations life throws at you, but there are certainly ways to navigate them, speak out, and make a difference for future generations. Take a look at the video below to see what the Bridge looked like for Erica and her community!