PHOENIX, AZ—Americans for Prosperity Foundation-Arizona (AFPF-AZ) today filed an amicus brief in the Arizona Supreme Court regarding Schires v. City of Peoria. AFPF-AZ’s brief joins The Goldwater Institute in fighting for taxpayers and rejecting corporate welfare that benefits special interests over hardworking Arizonans.

Included in the brief, AFPF-AZ State Director Stephen Shadegg released the following statement:

“Politicians should never use citizen dollars to unfairly subsidize private business—particularly when the public reaps no benefit of the bargain. The drafters of the Arizona Constitution understood that principle.

“The town of Peoria gave a private equity firm and private college a gift in the form of millions of taxpayer dollars…. What did the town get in return? Nothing, aside from illusory, unenforceable ‘promises’ to ‘engage in economic development activities’ and an agreement not to take part in similar projects with other Arizona municipalities.”

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