Arlington, VA – Today, Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFPF) filed an official comment with the Small Business Administration (SBA), condemning the portion of the SBA’s interim final rule implementing the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) that barred those with contact with the criminal justice system from accessing the program. The interim final rule prevents small business owners and entrepreneurs who have had contact with the criminal justice system from receiving timely relief to keep their businesses open.

Americans for Prosperity Foundation Chairman of the Board, Mark Holden, offered the following statement in regard to the action:

“At Americans for Prosperity Foundation, we believe that it is important to deliver timely, targeted, and temporary relief to those experiencing hardship like lost jobs or shuttered businesses as a result of government action. The SBA’s unacceptable interim final rule makes a mockery of due process and prohibits small business owners with criminal backgrounds or people who have been accused of criminal conduct — from loan eligibility. Nearly one in four American’s have a criminal record. Roughly, this equates to the same number of individuals who have a college degree. Locking this large group of people out of the ability to be considered for timely, targeted and temporary relief is unnecessary and unreasonable.  Equally, being accused of a crime in the past should not result in the inability to apply for critical funds during a crisis, nor should a scarlet letter be applied to those small business owners who have paid their debt to society. We believe that the SBA should immediately remove this wrongful bar on PPP loan eligibility and withdraw this rule that is detrimental to many small businesses.


To read the full comment submitted by AFPF to the SBA, click here.